Get 5.40% APY for 13 months.
Get 5.25% APY for 9 months.

Get the most out of your money with a Certificate of Deposit (CD) from Armed Forces Bank. A CD is a great way to lock in an interest rate for your selected term and steadily grow your money. Interest compounds quarterly for CDs 12 month or longer, while shorter terms pay at maturity. It’s the risk-free way to save and only requires a $500 deposit to get started.

Our Certificates of Deposit are designed to give the best CD rates for military members and their families, helping you grow your money while keeping it safe for anywhere from a few months to five years.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

TermMinimum Opening BalanceAnnual Percentage YieldOpen Now
30 Day$5001.00% Open
91 Day$5001.16% Open
182 Day$5001.40% Open
9 Month$5005.25%Open
12 Month$5002.42% Open
13 Month$5005.40% Open
15 Month$5002.52% Open
18 Month$5002.52% Open
19 Month$5002.52% Open
24 Month$5004.58% Open
30 Month$5002.27% Open
36 Month$5002.27% Open
48 Month$5002.27% Open
60 Month$5002.27% Open

What You Need to Know

A fixed rate of interest is earned on the entire balance.

A minimum opening balance of $500 is required to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.1

There are penalties for withdrawing funds before the set term. The amount depends on the length of the account term.2

  • 7 - 91 Days: 60 days loss of interest
  • 92 - 182 Days: 182 days loss of interest
  • 183 - <60 Months: 1 year loss of interest
  • 60 Months: 2 years loss of interest

This account can be used to invest your IRA or ESA. Learn more.