An individual retirement account (IRA) can offer tax-deferred growth and even tax savings when used under qualifying circumstances.

You can invest your IRA in a FDIC-insured Premier Money Market IRA account or a Certificate of Deposit. Choose from Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRA plans. Plus, we offer Coverdell Education Savings accounts to help cover the costs of higher education.

Daily Rates

TermMinimum Opening BalanceAnnual Percentage Yield
30 Day$500.45%
91 Day$500.50%
182 Day$500.60%
9 Month$500.70%
12 Month$5001.31%
13 Month$5001.61%
15 Month$5001.86%
18 Month$5001.66%
19 Month$5001.81%
24 Month$5002.27%
30 Month$5002.02%
36 Month$5002.12%
48 Month$5002.22%
60 Month$5002.42%

What You Need to Know

A fixed rate of interest is earned on the entire balance.

A minimum opening balance of $500 is required to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.1

There are penalties for withdrawing funds before the set term. The amount depends on the length of the account term.2

7 - 91 Days: 60 days loss of interest

92 - 182 Days: 182 days loss of interest

183 - <60 Months: 1 year loss of interest

60 Months: 2 years loss of interest

This account can be used to invest your IRA or ESA.

For Certificates issued for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) or Education Savings Account (ESA), the interest is compounded and credited quarterly for investment terms 12-months or longer, shorter term pays at maturity. Interest may be withdrawn by IRA holders 59 1/2 or older by transfer to an internal account or ACH to another bank, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually. Interest may be withdrawn by check semi-annually, annually or at maturity, whichever comes first.

Retirement Distributions from any Individual Retirement Account may begin upon permanent disability or death without incurring an early withdrawal penalty. Additional documentation is required.