Militarily Speaking Ep. 53 Folds of Honor

“Militarily Speaking” is a podcast produced by Armed Forces Bank that is dedicated to the military lifestyle and all the things that makes military community who they are.

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Welcome to the "Militarily Speaking" podcast with Tom McLean and Jodi Vickery.

In this episode of “Militarily Speaking,” Tom and Jodi, together with Col. Nick Nichols, a decorated U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot and the current president of the Folds of Honor Foundation, delve into the foundation's mission, the application process for scholarships, and the importance of supporting military and first responder families through education.

“Militarily Speaking” is a podcast produced by Armed Forces Bank that is dedicated to the military lifestyle and all the things that makes the military community who they are.

 Based on the script provided and its content focus, here are some title options that reflect the themes and discussions in the episode:

Ep. 53 – The Unfolding Story of Folds of Honor

Colonel Nick Nichols's military career is a saga of bravery, leadership, and sacrifice. With seven combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt, Nick's story is not just about the skies he dominated but also about the legacy he builds from the ground up. Transitioning from a high-flying fighter pilot to leading the Folds of Honor Foundation, Col. Nick continues to serve, albeit in a different capacity. His story is a poignant reminder of the personal costs of freedom and the importance of honoring those who pay the ultimate price.

The Mission of Folds of Honor

"Folds of Honor stands for a simple, yet powerful premise: honor the sacrifice, educate the legacy,” Col. Nick elucidates the foundation's mission. This organization steps in where duty calls and families need, providing educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members and first responders.

2023 marks an impressive milestone as the foundation nears serving nearly 18,000 scholarship recipients, translating into about $90 million in educational support. This remarkable achievement underscores the profound impact of Folds of Honor on countless lives, echoing a message of gratitude and remembrance across the nation.

A Call to Arms for the Armchair Patriot

One of the most resonant messages from our conversation was the invitation for every citizen to play a part in this noble cause. Col. Nick emphasizes, “Everybody can do something.” Whether it’s a one-time donation, a monthly commitment of $13 (a poignant nod to the 13 folds of an American flag given to the families of the fallen), or volunteering, every effort counts. Folds of Honor operates with a high-efficiency model, ensuring that 91 cents of every dollar goes directly to its scholarship programs.

Golf for Honor: Teeing Off for a Cause

Golf holds a special place in the heart of Folds of Honor, serving as both a symbol and a substantial source of fundraising. Events like the Patriot Golf Days and the establishment of the American Dunes Golf Club are just a few examples of how the foundation leverages the beloved sport to garner support for their mission. These events not only raise funds but also serve as powerful platforms for storytelling and community building around the cause of military and first responder families.

Join the Squadron of Support

Our discussion with Col. Nick Nichols serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and safety. It beckons us to be more than passive onlookers but active participants in ensuring the legacies of our nation's heroes thrive through education.

As we discover the multifaceted efforts and dedication of Folds of Honor, it's evident that the story of this organization is one of unwavering commitment, profound impact, and collective responsibility. Now, more than ever, the call to "Honor their sacrifice. Educate their legacy" resounds with urgency and hope. Will you answer the call?

For more information on how you can contribute or get involved, visit [Folds of Honor]( Together, let's ensure the families of those who protect our freedoms and ensure our safety know they are not forgotten.

Military Minute

Jodi introduces the Military Minute segment of the show, beginning by closing out last episode’s Military Minute.

  • Last episode’s Military Minute: What are the three components and corresponding distances, in miles, of the Ironman competition?
  • Answer: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride, and 26.2 mile run
  • This week’s Military Minute question: How many rounds did Woodrow Wilson play during his eight-year term? And what color did he paint his golf balls so that he could play in the winter?
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  • Answer with the correct answer and you plus a charity of your choice can each win $50.
  • After a winning selection, Military Minute participants are eligible for another selection after 12 months.

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