You can apply for an Access Loan which is a personal military loan online. Get started here.
A personal loan is very flexible. You will be approved based on your credit qualifications rather than on the intended use of the money. Once approved, you can utilize the approved funds to consolidate debt, pay for household expenses, repairs, or any other use you determine.
You do not need to specify a specific amount when you apply for a loan. We will evaluate your application and approve you for the maximum amount available for your personal loan. You will then be able to select an amount within that maximum that fits your current needs. You can take all or a portion of the approved amount – it is up to you. Loans can range from $250 to $15,000, depending on your credit evaluation and relationship with Armed Forces Bank.
Interest rates vary based on your circumstances. Rates are assigned based on your approved credit and related factors. Once approved, you will be given information about your specific rate before you decide to proceed with the loan.
The process to approve your loan is quick and easy. After you complete our brief application, it is possible to have an instant loan decision! In some cases, additional information may be required to decide.
Your money will be deposited directly into your account at Armed Forces Bank.
Sometimes we need some extra information to finalize our loan decision. Returning any requested items to us quickly will allow us to get your loan decision to you as fast as possible.
Making payments is easy. Payments will be set up to come directly out of your account at Armed Forces Bank. This will take the worry out of ensuring your payments are made on time.
APR is your annual percentage rate. The APR for your loan will include any fees you may be charged, like an origination fee and your interest rate. APR provides a good point of comparison for different loan offers you may be considering.