Debt Consolidation

Check out our Debt Consolidation Calculator to run your own numbers and see what you could save. 
No. Debt consolidation is taking out a new loan which encompasses all your other debts within it. You still have the same amount of debt as before, but it's all in one place now. Debt settlement is reducing the amount of debt that you have.
It is possible to get better terms when you consolidate. You will only be making one payment on the new loan and the interest rate for that loan may be lower than the combined interest rates of your former debts. You might have a better time period within which to pay back the debt.
No. You will more than likely pay less when you consolidate your debt because you can get a lower interest rate on the lump sum of the debt and potentially a lower monthly payment too. 
Yes. A HELOC can be used to consolidate debts. 

*Subject to credit approval. Fees and Restrictions apply
Yes. A Personal Military Loan can be used to consolidate debt. 

*Subject to credit approval. Origination fee applies.