Savings Made Easy: Armed Forces Bank’s Saving Cents Program

Saving money in today’s economy can feel like an uphill battle. With the rising cost of groceries and economic uncertainty, setting aside a portion of your paycheck for savings can seem daunting. However, at Armed Forces Bank, contributing to your savings doesn’t have to be a one-time lump sum after each paycheck. The Saving Cents1 program at Armed Forces Bank is a game-changer in the world of incremental saving.

What are the basics of the Saving Cents program?

Saving Cents1 is an innovative tool designed to gradually bolster the funds in your savings account2. With this program, each time you make a purchase with your Armed Forces Bank debit card, the total amount is rounded up to your chosen increment. At the end of the day, this spare change is seamlessly transferred into your savings account. Over time, these small contributions from everyday purchases can significantly boost your overall savings.

How do I sign up for Saving Cents?

First things first, you’ll need a checking* and savings account2 with Armed Forces Bank. Once those are set up, simply enroll in the program by logging in to Digital Banking and sending us a message, or you can contact a branch and an associate can help you get started.

How does the Saving Cents program work?

  1. You have the flexibility to decide how much the Saving Cents1 program rounds up your debit card purchases, ranging from increments of $1 to $5. Don’t worry about sticking to your initial choice—you can adjust at any time.
  2. Once you’ve selected your increment, continue using your debit card as usual. Each swipe initiates the rounding up of spare change, which is automatically transferred from your checking* to your savings account2 every night.
  3. To monitor your savings progress, simply review your monthly bank statement. It’s an easy way to track how Saving Cents is positively impacting your financial goals.

Why should I join the Saving Cents program?

At Armed Forces Bank, we believe in offering a variety of savings options tailored to your financial goals. Saving Cents1 stands out for its flexibility—you’re not bound by a fixed timeline like other saving methods. With Saving Cents, you have the freedom to save for short-term goals.

Ready to make spare change work for you?

Enroll in the Saving Cents program today and start harnessing the power of your extra change. Whether you’re saving for a vacation, bolstering your car fund, or building a rainy day fund, Saving Cents puts your money to work for the things that matter most. Don’t wait—let your savings journey begin today!



Member FDIC

*Opening deposit required. Monthly service charge applies. Closing new accounts within 90 days of opening will result in a $20 early closure fee.

1 Choose from $1 to $5 increment to round up on your debit card purchases from your checking account. Each night all the extra change will automatically transfer from your checking to your savings.

2 Minimum $25 deposit required.  No monthly service charge with a $100 average balance each statement cycle.  Otherwise, a $5 monthly service charge applies.  $5 paper statement fee applies.  Closing new accounts within 90 days of opening will result in a $20 early closure fee.