How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

a couple rubs noes while holding paper hearts to show their love for eachother

As February 14th approaches, the pressure to shower your significant other with gifts moves to the forefront. According to the National Retail Federation's 2024 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey, 53% of Americans are gearing up to celebrate, contributing to a projected $25.8 billion splurge. However, expressing your love doesn't need to come with a heavy financial burden. In this blog, we’re breaking down some strategies to help you make a lasting impression on Valentine’s Day while staying on a budget. Let’s get started!

Home Base Romance

Swap out the costly restaurant rendezvous for a cozy homemade meal. Whether you are cooking together or surprising your significant other, a home-cooked dinner is a great move for a fun and romantic experience. Amp up the atmosphere by setting the table with candles, some bubbly, or even a simple meat and cheese platter.

Budget-Friendly Blooms

Steer clear of the cliché dozen roses this year. Opt for a more economical and diverse flower bouquet from your local supermarket, saving over 50% compared to florist prices. Another great alternative is buying a new houseplant. This low-maintenance option will be a living testament to your shared journey as a couple.

DIY Love

When high-priced jewelry is off the radar, shift focus to the charm of DIY gifts. A personalized photo album or scrapbook is a great way to show your appreciation. Additionally, a handwritten letter or a playlist of their favorite tunes serves as a thoughtful gesture that will resonate deeply.

Post-Valentine’s Day Maneuvers

Delay your celebration until February 15th for a financial advantage. With Valentine’s Day merchandise hitting the clearance zone, you can secure chocolates and gifts at a remarkable 50% off. Move swiftly, though—the best deals tend to get in the blink of an eye. Additionally, for those who want to dine out, postponing your celebration ensures a more intimate experience with fewer crowds and potentially lower dining costs.

Memorable Moments

This year, let's shift gears and switch traditional gifts for unforgettable experiences. Consider exploring a museum, trying your hand at pottery, attending a local theater show, or planning a hike. If you're unsure where to start looking for activities, rely on the experience discounts of your Access Rewards Checking* account. Enjoy savings on museums, car rentals, movie theaters, sporting events, and more. These discounts streamline the operation, making it effortless to gift memorable experiences without straining your budget.

Secure Savings with Rewards

Elevate your Valentine's Day maneuvers by using the perks and rewards from your favorite military bank.  The Access Rewards Checking* account is not your run-of-the-mill checking account—it's your clearance to access budget-friendly discounts at your preferred retail spots, complete with instant access to mobile coupons. Going digital for your V-Day shopping? The $hopping Rewards feature awaits, offering exclusive deals at thousands of leading online retailers. Shop using the online portal and witness the cash back rolling in—it's the smart move to extend your Valentine’s Day budget even further!

The Takeaway

This Valentine's Day, opt for budget-friendly gestures that speak volumes. From homemade meals to thoughtful DIY gifts and experiential adventures, focus on meaningful moments. Use the perks of our Access Rewards Checking* account for a savvy and cost-effective celebration. Cheers to love without the hefty price tag!

Find those budget-friendly options today!

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