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House of Real Estate Secures Futures and Creates Legacies

House of Real Estate's owner poses outside of the office with celebratory balloons.

Meet Regina E. Stewart, owner of House of Real Estate. Ms. Stewart’s goal for her company is to create a space in which people feel confident, knowing that their future is secure and that their families can create a legacy lasting for generations. 

Ms. Stewart’s journey in the real estate industry began in 2001 when she first developed an interest in the field. Over the past five years, she has gained diverse experience and expertise in various aspects of real estate. In fact, she has a background in property management, Notary Public (notarial experience), and she has obtained a Managing Broker License. Ms. Stewart certainly knows her way around Real Estate!

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she found herself motivated to utilize her wide range of skills to support her community. In 2021 she opened House of Real Estate with a mission to aid seniors in managing their properties and assisting tenants in finding suitable places to call home.

Building upon this initiative, in 2023, Ms. Stewart expanded her services by obtaining a life insurance license. This new addition enables her to assist families in safeguarding their loved ones and achieving early retirement goals. 

We at Armed Forces Bank are proud to have clients like Ms. Stewart. Thank you for trusting us with your House of Real Estate banking needs!

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House of Real Estate owner poses with 21 balloons in celebration

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