Free Checking Account for Active-Duty Military & Veterans

an active duty female soldier carries a child on her hip.

In a financial landscape often full of restrictions and hidden fees, Armed Forces Bank is proud to introduce Access Freedom Checking – a product designed specifically for active-duty military and veterans. We believe our country’s service members deserve a free military checking account, making it easier to manage money. And we are proud to be your financial institution, working alongside you as you achieve your financial goals.

Keep reading to learn more about checking accounts, the features and benefits of Access Freedom Checking, account requirements, and more.

Checking Accounts vs. Savings Accounts

When it comes to managing your money, two primary types of accounts often come to mind: checking and savings. Each serves a specific purpose in your financial life, and most people have both. So what’s the difference between a checking account and savings account?

Checking accounts are like the gatekeepers of your day-to-day finances. They're designed for easy access, allowing you to deposit money, make purchases with a debit card, write checks, and withdraw cash from ATMs. With a checking account, there's no need to worry about limits on transactions, making it perfect for handling your everyday expenses and emergencies.

On the other hand, savings accounts are your long-term companions on the journey to financial security. They're meant to help you save your money, encouraging you to set money aside for specific goals, such as emergencies, vacations, or major purchases. Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals and transfers from savings accounts to six per month, which may help you stay more disciplined when it comes to saving.

While both types of accounts are part of a healthy financial strategy, finding the right type of account for you isn’t easy. Which is why we’re excited to introduce our new Access Freedom Checking account.1

How Do Free Checking Accounts Work?

Checking accounts are designed to help you manage your money, allowing you to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. But they can offer so much more.

Typically, when you open an account, you’ll receive a debit card, a checkbook (personal checks), and ATM access. And with online and mobile banking,2 you’ll be able to easily check your account balance from wherever duty calls.

Some banks may set hard rules, such as monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. But the Armed Forces Bank Access Freedom Checking account is all about making it easy to manage your money, without monthly service fees or other hidden checking account fees. This means you are able to keep working toward your financial goals.

About Access Freedom Checking

Access Freedom Checking isn't just a checking account; it's a financial ally tailored to the unique needs of military life. Here's what sets it apart:

  • $0 monthly service charge: No more worrying about fees eating into your hard-earned money.
  • No minimum balance: Your account stays yours, regardless of your account balance.
  • Military Early Pay: Get access to your funds a day early, every time, with Military Early Pay.3
  • Extensive ATM network: Enjoy fee-free access to over 38,000 ATMs nationwide.4
  • Free eStatements: Stay organized and eco-friendly without spending a dime.
  • Overdraft protection: Protect your account with free transfers from your savings.
  • Convenient digital banking: Access your account anytime, anywhere, with online and mobile banking.

Who Can Apply for Access Freedom Checking?

Our Access Freedom Checking account is specifically designed for active-duty service members and veterans. Because a free military checking account is something you deserve!

We make it easy to open your account, especially online. Plus, Access Freedom Checking is even easier to use! While there’s a $25 opening balance requirement, and a $5 charge for paper statements, there’s no such thing as hidden surprise fees.

Armed Forces Bank Is Your Financial Partner

Armed Forces Bank is proud to offer Access Freedom Checking – a solution tailored specifically for active-duty military personnel and veterans. Our commitment to providing a free military checking account stems from our unwavering support for those who serve our country.

With Access Freedom Checking, you can break free of the typical restrictions and requirements for checking accounts. Say goodbye to monthly service charges and minimum balance demands. Instead, embrace a banking experience that prioritizes your financial freedom and convenience.

So, whether you're an active-duty servicemember, a veteran transitioning into civilian life, or anyone else seeking a hassle-free banking experience, Access Freedom Checking is here for you. Join us in embracing financial freedom and empowerment with Access Freedom Checking1 from Armed Forces Bank. Apply today and experience banking that puts your needs first.



Member FDIC

 1 $25 opening deposit required. eStatements required.

2 Message and data rates apply. Terms and conditions apply.

3 Direct deposit required. Maximum ACH credit is $15,000.

4 No fees for withdrawals, transfers, balance inquiries or denied ATM transactions at ATMs in the MoneyPass® Network if you have a MoneyPass® logo on the back of your card. MoneyPass® Network ATMs are within the U.S. only.