New Account Switch Kit

Changing banks is easy with our convenient Switch Kit.

Welcome to Armed Forces Bank!

Now that you have opened an account with us, you may want to transfer your direct deposits and automatic payments to your new Armed Forces Bank account. You may also wish to close account(s) with your old financial institution.

Make the switch to Armed Forces Bank.
It's easy and takes only a few minutes. Just complete and print the forms in the Switch Kit.
In PDF format.   [ 280 KB ]
Opens in a new browser window.

In this switch kit, we have provided all the forms you will need to "make the switch" quick and easy. Just follow these simple instructions:

Step 1 Stop using your old checking account. Allow time for any outstanding checks, final direct deposits and/or automatic payments to clear. This could take several weeks. Make certain enough funds are available in your old account to cover these transactions.
Step 2 Shred or destroy all ATM cards, debit cards, and unused checks from your old account.
Step 3 Use the "Direct Deposit Change Notice" to switch your direct deposits to your new account. If you are military, the fastest way to change your direct deposit pay is online at
Step 4 Use the "Automatic Payment Change Notice" to switch your automatic payments to your new account. Simply complete, sign and mail a notice to each company that withdraws payments from your account.
Use the "Account Closure Notice" to close any or all of the accounts with your old financial institution.
That's all there is to it!