Increase your home-buying power with a Jumbo mortgage loan from Armed Forces Bank.  Jumbo loans offer a great way to finance properties with loan amounts that exceed $726,200. Qualification requirements for income, credit history and assets may be higher than traditional conventional loans. We offer financing options up to $3 million with customizable terms and rates can meet your mortgage needs.  Our expert mortgage loan advisors can help you navigate your journey to home ownership.

Subject to credit approval.


What You Need to Know

A jumbo loan allows borrowers purchasing higher priced homes to not drain their savings by allowing loan amounts in excess of $726,200.

Jumbo loans may require a 20% down payment and good or excellent credit history.

There are several factors that affect whether you might require a jumbo loan:

  • The value and location of your home
  • The amount of your down payment
  • The possibility of obtaining two mortgages