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In order to help protect you from fraud and identity theft, we are enhancing our online banking security to keep your personal information even more secure.

Effective April 3, 2012, you will be prompted to re-enroll in Enhanced Online Security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Improvements

Will my password change?
You will be prompted to change your password. The password must be a minimum of 8-characters and contain 2-letters, 2-numbers and at least one special character. You can use any of these special characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + | ~ - = \ ` { } [ ] : ; ' < > / Comma and quotes are not supported.

How do I enroll for Enhanced Online Security?
Enrollment is quick and easy! Simply enter or update your E-mail Address, select an authentication Pass Phrase, select and provide answers for three challenge questions, and select whether the computer you are logging in with is a personal computer or a public computer. You will be given a random Authentication Image, which can be changed after enrollment.

What Challenge Methods are available?
There are two challenge methods available, e-mail or challenge question/answer. Text message option is not available.

What is the impact if I enter my mobile number in the e-mail address field?
All future e-mail communications we send to you will be redirected to the mobile number. This includes notification of e.Statement availability, important communications, and/or new product and service notifications.

Can I access Online Banking from multiple computers?
Yes, you can access Online Banking from any number of computers. If you log in to a computer that you haven't used for Online Banking before, you will need to verify your identity using a Challenge Method you select.

Can I change my Enhanced Online Security settings?
Yes. You can change the Authentication Image, Pass Phrase and Security Questions and Answers anytime in Online Banking under Options > Change Security Data.

  How to enroll in Enhanced Online Security?  

In addition to enhanced online security, we are pleased to announce a number of upcoming improvements that will make your online banking experience even easier and more convenient. These changes will begin in February and be completed in June 2012:

  • A refreshed look and feel will make online banking easier to navigate.
  • New navigation windows will simplify the management of e.Alerts, e.Statements and the retrieval of check images.
  • An enhanced address change feature will reduce the re-keying of personal information.
  • Transaction history will be expanded beyond the current and previous statements, giving you the ability to export transactions to personal financial management software and to view check images on transactions that are older than 2 months.
  • Enhancements to bill pay will give you the ability to quickly pay bills from the Account Summary screen in Online Banking.