Online Bill Pay

You will save money because you won't need those expensive checks, envelopes, and stamps when you pay online. And, you can pay virtually anyone, anywhere in just minutes. Most payments are made electronically. Your account will not be debited until your payment is received by the payee.

How do I enroll in Online Bill Payment?
Simply log in to Online Banking. Click the "Pay Your Bills" button and go through the easy to follow enrollment process. To add a "Payee" you will need the bill handy with the account number and address information. It's just that easy!

  • Receive many of your bills online.
  • Set up e-mail notification when your bills arrive and reminders when they are due.
  • Make one-time payments and/or schedule recurring payments.
  • Update or cancel payments.
  • Create reports of your payment history or order it on CD.
  • Receive e-mail notifications when your payments are made.
  • View transactions that are currently processing.