Credit Builder Secured Visa® Credit Card

Set your own credit limit between $300 and $3,000 based on the amount you deposit into your Credit Builder Savings account.

  • Custom Credit Line - Increase your credit limit by adding funds in increments of $50 or more to the savings account.
  • Accrued Interest on Savings - The money in your savings account will earn interest, adding to your savings.
  • Automatic Reporting - We'll report your performance to the three major credit bureaus to help you build a credit history.
  • Upgrades Available - You can upgrade to an unsecured card with good performance. We'll periodically review your credit activity to see if you qualify. If you do, we'll let you know.
  • Custom Payment Date - If you are a new customer, you can choose either the 1st or 16th of each month as your payment date. Once your date is set, it can't be changed.

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Subject to credit approval. Improved credit score is not guaranteed. Credit score is determined by credit reporting agencies based on multiple factors, but satisfactory performance on a credit card product can improve your credit score. Default on a credit card, including missed or late payments can damage your credit score. Fees apply, including a $35 annual fee. Once added, funds cannot be withdrawn from the savings account without closing the savings account and the credit card.