Recruits deserve the best, so we built them a whole department. Find all the info you need to get your recruit set up below. If you have any questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Recruit Department.

Recruiter Resources

We know being there for recruits means being there for you, too. With us, you can:

  • Easily open a Recruit Access checking account. Just email or fax your recruit’s completed form and account documents to us, and we will contact you to complete the process. Learn more about the account and what documents you’ll need.
  • Receive PFM presentations on site or via conference call for your future soldiers. You can even have a conference call for multiple account setups.
  • Have debit cards and starter checks over-nighted to quick ships, and we cover the cost.

Basic Banking Financial Readiness

We would never leave your recruit hanging financially. That’s why we developed Basic Banking—a six-part email series and crash course in financial training that’ll help your recruit get their finances squared away.

  • Topics include account management, preparing for basic training, improving credit, budgeting, and establishing savings.
  • In addition to the email series, your recruit will receive personal calls from our Recruit Department, a Checking 101 workbook, and other helpful resources on our site to help them start their military career and financial life on solid ground.