Access Rewards Checking FAQs

Within five days of account opening an Access Rewards Checking account, the primary account holder will receive an email from, either confirming the activation of the credit file monitoring service or providing instructions on activating credit file monitoring. Just click on the link in the email to go online to complete registration and access all the benefits and features. Credit file monitoring is still activated even if the primary account number does not act on the email, prompting them to review all benefits online.

Suppose the primary account holder fails to authenticate. In that case, they must follow instructions on the next steps to activate credit file monitoring, complete registration, and access all the benefits and features.

Once registered, easily access your benefits online at  or with the Club Checking mobile app.

Call the Benefits Service Center at 866-210-0361.
The Personal Identity Theft benefit offers reimbursement for covered costs incurred in the United States, its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico, or Canada.
A dedicated fraud resolution specialist is available to the primary and joint account holders if an identity fraud event, financial or otherwise, has occurred.
You must be enrolled in Access Rewards Checking AND pay your monthly cellular wireless telephone bills with your Access Rewards Checking account issued by Armed Forces Bank.
No, normal wear and tear are not covered.
Most wireless cellular telephone plans are covered; however, the protection benefit does not cover cell phones not owned by the member or leased by the member from the wireless carrier. Cellular wireless telephones received as part of a pre-paid or “pay as you go” plan for minutes used are not covered. The member must own or otherwise have financial responsibility for the cell phone.
Your access code can be found in the documents provided to you at account opening and on the Club Checking mobile application utilized to access this benefit provided as part of your Access Rewards Checking account.
Yes, assistance obtained through any source other than the roadside assistance service provider is not covered.
Yes. Motorcycles, trucks over one-and-a-half-ton capacity, antique vehicles (vehicles over 20 years old or out of manufacture for 10 years or more), taxicabs, limousines, other commercial or delivery vehicles, recreational vehicles (including self-motorized RVs), camping trailers, travel trailers, any vehicle in tow.
  • Yes, you must complete a claim form and provide all required documentation by 90 days from the date of loss.
  • Yes, Buyer's Protection applies to the first 90 calendar days after product purchase anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands.
  • No, Buyer's Protection and Extended Warranty apply to new purchases (unless otherwise excluded) where the entire purchase price is paid using a Select Rewards Checking/Access Rewards Checking account.
  • Buyer's Protection covers new purchases for the first 90 days after the purchase.
  • Extended Warranty covers new purchases having a manufacturer's U.S. warranty of 5 years or less.
  • See terms and conditions for other limitations.
Primary account holders - No, credit file monitoring will be automatically activated for primary account holders. Activation will occur within 5 days of account opening unless the account holder is not authenticated by the credit bureau.

  • If the primary account holder fails to authenticate with the bureau, the account holder will receive an email with instructions for activating credit file monitoring.
Joint account holders – Yes. Joint account holders will go to and follow instructions received at account opening to activate credit file monitoring.
Yes. You must go online to activate this benefit, add a phone number to receive notifications, and view your risk score.
Yes, Armed Forces Bank offers multiple checking accounts to fit our client's every need. Check out our Compare Checking Account page to learn more.