Breaking Down the Basics

The Armed Forces BCT Checklist

Check these items off the list before you ship out:

☐ Know your bank account number

☐ Know your bank routing number

☐ Activate your debit card

☐ Download the AFB Mobile App

☐ Verify that Direct Deposit has been established

☐ Let bill companies know you are leaving for BCT

☐ Set up Bill Pay, if necessary

☐ Notify your post office to hold mail, or establish a P.O. Box

☐ Bring your driver's license or other photo ID

☐ Pack plenty of plain paper, pens and stamps

☐ Use an address book for your family's and friends' contact info

☐ Consider setting up a Power of Attorney

☐ Carry $50 in cash

☐ Double-check the list your recruiter gave you

☐ Remind yourself why you joined the military and keep that top-of-mind

☐ Call us if you need anything at 844.727.3783 (844-72-SERVE)