Overdraft Protection Account Transfer Agreement
For Individuals and Sole Proprietorships (DDA's)

I hereby authorize the Bank, at its discretion, to transfer to Account #1 from Account #2 (both of which are identified below) such amounts as may be necessary to cover any overdrafts in Account #1.

I understand and agree that (a) the Bank is not under any duty or obligation to handle overdrafts in the manner hereby authorized; (b) such transfers will be in multiples of $100 unless the balance in Account #2 is less than $100. In that event, the entire balance of Account #2 will be transferred. We reserve the right to close any account, including in circumstances where an account has no funds for a period of time; (c) the Bank intends to handle overdrafts in such a manner only as long as (i) Account #2 is not dormant, inactive, or closed; (ii) collected funds are then currently available for transfer; (iii) customer assumes the responsibility for any overdraft balances this may cause; and (d) if Account #2 is a Money Market or Savings account, the number of transfers that can be made is limited. If I exceed that limitation, Account #2 may be subject to a service charge or other action as setforth in the Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure given to me at the time Account #2 was opened. In addition, Account #1 will incur a $7 Overdraft transfer fee for each transfer. If Account #1 is overdrawn even after the transfer from Account #2, an overdraft or returned item fee may be applied in lieu of the transfer fee which would be reversed.

This Agreement will remain in effect until the Bank receives written or verbal revocation, or until the Bank sends me written notice of revocation. Any notice under this Agreement is effective against me three days after notice is deposited in the U.S. Mail, postage prepaid, sent to my address as shown on the Bank's records.

Account #1
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Account #2
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