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When you need a little extra money, it's good to work with a partner you can trust. Whether you need cash for an unexpected car or medical expense, or are looking to consolidate high-interest debt or to pay for your education, we are here to help.

Loan Application Tips

Low credit scores will be considered if you have a satisfactory account relationship of at least 90 days with us.

Active Duty Military Members
Without Military Housing:
  • For your income, from your LES, list your monthly "Total Entitlements."
  • For your residential status, list the appropriate type and monthly expense.
With Housing Allotment for Privatized Housing:
  • For your income, from your LES, list your income as your "Total Entitlements" minus your "BAH."
  • For your residential status, list "Other" and enter the amount as "$0.00."

Our Personal Loans1 come with all these great benefits:

  • Quick approvals and funding with our automated online application
  • Simplify your budget with fixed terms and fixed monthly payments
  • Build your credit history with reporting to the credit bureaus
  • No prepayment penalty

Military Starter Loan:

  • $500 loan with no collateral required
  • Available to active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Reserves2
  • Those with no or very little credit history can apply
  • In lieu of established credit, a satisfactory account relationship with Armed Forces Bank will be required
  • $35.00 non-refundable application fee

Express Loan:

  • Loan amounts up to $1,250 with no collateral required
  • A great alternative to payday lending offices
  • $35.00 non-refundable application fee

As an alternative to high-interest lenders or credit cards, depend on a bank you know and trust and get started on your loan application today!

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1 - Subject to credit approval. Annual Percentage Rate is based on credit score. Only one personal loan allowed to any borrower at any time. Loan terms are based on the loan amount. No annual fee.
2 - To be eligible for the Military Starter Loan, the applicant must be on full-time active duty in the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy. This includes full-time active duty members of their Reserve Components and the state National Guard. This does not include their dependents, military recruits currently at boot camp, or cadets of any military academy or college Reserve Officer Training Corps until they graduate and report to their first duty station.