Find out how to easily create and
keep a budget.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Goals

Figure out your long-term and short-term goals. Goal-driven budgeting will get you where you financially want to be faster.

Step 2: Track Your Current Spending

Categorize your spending by bills, food, childcare, after-school activities, insurance, medical bills, etc. Think about where you can make realistic changes.

Step 3: Make Your Goals an Expense Item in Your Budget

When you make your goals an expense item, you’ll be able to reach your goals every month without going over budget.

Step 4: Keep Track, Be Flexible, and Always Include Savings in Your Budget

Make a flexible, realistic budget that works for you. Set your goals, and keep those in mind every time you use your debit card. Be prepared for unexpected expenses by having an emergency savings.

More Budgeting Tips

  • Use online and mobile banking to set up reminders and account alerts
  • Use a calendar to pay your bills on time
  • Reduce your expenses by packing your lunch, asking for discounts, sticking to shopping lists, using coupons, and getting rid of extras on your phone or cable
  • Keep a record of your transactions, and check your account activity frequently