To access your account, start a Web Chat or to send us a Secure Mail, log into Online Banking.

Customer Care Center, Online Banking Support & TeleBank:

From the US
1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265)

From Germany

From Korea
On Post: 00308-12-0268
Off Post: 00789-14-800-4176


Mon-Fri: 8:00AM - 7:00PM, CT
Sat: 9:00AM - 5:00PM, CT

TeleBank is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Bank Routing Number:


Bank By Mail

If you are not located near one of our branches, you can bank with us by mail.

General Mail PO BOX
PO Box 26458
Kansas City, MO 64196

Deposit Only Mailbox
PO Box 26744
Kansas City, MO 64196

My Account

What is my Routing Number?
Your Armed Forces Bank routing number is 101108319.

What is my Account Number?
There are four ways to obtain your Account Number:

How do I open an account?
To open an account online, go to Personal Banking to pick the right account product for you, and apply. To apply for an account in person stop by one of our local branches. Don't forget to bring a valid photo ID.

How do I switch my account to Armed Forces Bank?
To switch your account to Armed Forces Bank, use our online Switch Kit.

How do I change my address?
There are three ways to change your address:

How do I order checks?
To order checks you can, log into Online Banking and select the "Order Checks" button, call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265), or stop by your local branch.

What is TeleBank?
TeleBank is our automated teller line that gives you 24/7 access to your account information toll free. If you need to obtain your TeleBank PIN, call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

How do I convert my account to a different account type?
There are three ways to convert your account to a different account type:

How do I change the name on my account?
There are two ways to change the name on your account:

  • Call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265) and send your legal documentation to 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).
  • Stop by your local branch.

How do I set up direct deposit?
To set up a direct deposit for your Armed Forces Bank account, contact your employer with the bank name, routing number 101108319, and your account number.

If you need your account number:

What is Saving Cents?
With Saving Cents, we'll round up every purchase you make with your Visa® Debit Card to the nearest dollar and transfer those cents to your savings account. Add an additional $1 to as much as $5 with each transaction.

How do I sign up for Saving Cents?
There are two ways to sign up for Saving Cents:

  • Call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).
  • Stop by your local branch.

Where can I find a copy of my Deposit Account Agreement?
Here is a copy of our latest Deposit Account Agreement.

How do I send a wire?
To send a wire you will need:

  • Funds available to transfer.
  • Recipient's name, account number, and address.
  • Recipient's bank name, the bank's address, the bank's routing number or swift code.

To send the wire in person at one of our branch locations please remember to bring a valid photo ID.

To send a wire over the phone with our Customer Care you must have a Wire Transfer Agreement on file. To learn more about sending wires with Customer Care please call 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265). Dollar limits may apply.

Online Banking

What can I do with Online Banking?
With Online Banking, you can:

  • View your account balances, check images and transactions to easily keep track of your finances.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts at Armed Forces Bank.
  • Pay bills online to anyone, anywhere in the United States.
  • Access up to 18 months of statements.
  • Receive account and security alerts by email or mobile phone.
  • Start a Web Chat to easily contact us.
  • Apply for a personal loan.

How do I enroll in Online Banking?
To enroll in Online Banking, you need to complete the first-time enrollment process by providing the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address
  • Account number
  • TeleBank PIN number

If you need your TeleBank PIN, please call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265). Next you will need to select a unique Access ID and password. Instructions on how to do this are provided on our enrollment page

How can I set up account alerts (e.Alerts)?
To set up e.Alerts, log in to your Online Banking; go to Account Summary, select e.Alerts by clicking the hyperlink number located above the list of your accounts then select "e.Alerts." On the next screen click on "Set Up New Alert."

What if I forget my Access ID?
If you forget your Access ID, contact Customer Care during business hours at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, click the "Forget Your Password" link on the login page. Enter your Access ID and click "Submit." Your password will be sent to the email address associated with your Access ID.

How do I change my password when logged into Online Banking?
To change the password associated with your access ID, complete the following:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on "Mobile & Online Banking Options" at the top of the page.
  • On the Options page in the "Password" section, click "Edit".
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter your new password.
  • Enter your new password in "Confirm New Password."
  • Click the "Submit" button.

How do I change my email address?
To change the email address associated with your access ID, complete the following:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on "Mobile & Online Banking Options" at the top of the page.
  • On the Options page in the "E-Mail" section, click "Edit."
  • In "New Email Address", enter the new email address.
  • In "Confirm Email Address", re-enter the new email address.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

How do I change my security questions?
To change security data, complete the following:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on "Mobile & Online Banking Options" at the top of the page.
  • On the Options page in the "Security Data" section, click "Edit."
  • Select the question you would prefer to be asked as the "Challenge Question."
  • Enter your response as the "Answer."
  • On this page, you can modify additional Challenge Questions using the same steps.
  • When you're ready, click the "Submit" button.

I chose "remember this computer," but I'm still being asked to answer a question. Why?
For your security, a number of factors are evaluated to determine if a security question is presented. Some Internet browser settings, like restrictive privacy filters and automatically deleting cookies, are not compatible with this setting.

How do I start a Web Chat?
You can start a Web Chat by logging into Online Banking. In upper right-hand corner, look for our Chat icon. If the Chat icon is active, you can click to begin a chat. If the Chat icon isn't active, contact us during the hours Web Chat is available: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. CT and Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. CT.

Online Account Transfers & Stop Payments

How do I make an internal transfer?
To create an internal transfer, complete the following:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on "Account Summary".
  • In the "Express Transfer" section, from the drop-down list, select the account you want to transfer funds from.
  • Next, select the account you want the funds transferred to.
  • Enter the dollar amount to be transferred in the "Transfer Amount" text boxes.
  • Click the "Next" button.
  • A preview of the transfer will display to confirm the information entered. Once you verify the transfer details, click the "Submit" button. If changes are necessary, click the "Back" button to return to the Express Transfers page without completing the transfers.
  • A confirmation screen will confirm that the transfer is complete and will provide a confirmation number for your records.

How do I make a scheduled transfer?
To establish a scheduled transfer between two accounts at our institution, complete the following:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on the "Account Summary" tab, then click on the last 4 numbers of the account from which the transfer will be originated under "List of Accounts."
  • From the "Internal Transfers" drop-down menu, select "New Scheduled Transfer." Note: Transfers can occur either one-time or on a recurring basis. For a one-time instant transfer, select "Express Transfer" from the "Internal Transfers" drop-down menu.
  • From the "To Account" drop-down list, select the account to which funds will be transferred.
  • For transfers to loans or checking loan accounts, you will see an option for "Payment Type." From the drop-down list, select one of the following payment types: Regular Payment, Principal Only, Interest Only, or Escrow Only.
  • From the "Transfer Frequency" drop-down list, select a transfer frequency. Note: "On-demand" is a one-time transfer and "Bi-Monthly" means every other month.
  • Enter the amount that you want to transfer.
  • Specify the date on which the transfer will occur.
  • Specify the number of transfers (for all frequency options except "On-demand").
  • Enter a transfer description (optional).
  • Click the "Submit" button to complete the request.

Can I transfer money to other financial institutions Online?
Currently you cannot transfer money online directly to other financial institutions. Transfers can only be performed between your Armed Forces Bank accounts. To initiate a transfer to another financial institution, call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

How do I place a Stop Payment on a check or pre-authorized payment? A "Stop Payment" allows you to stop payment on a check, range of checks or pre-authorized automatic payment. You may not place a stop payment on a transaction initiated with your debit card. To place a Stop Payment, complete the following:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click the "Account Summary" button to access the list of accounts and select the account from which the payment was established. The account information will display.
  • Click the "Stop Payment" button.
  • Complete all of the requested information.
  • Click the "Next" button. A preview of the stop payment request will appear to verify the information was entered correctly. If you need to make adjustments, click on "Back" to go back to the "Add Stop Payment for..." page.
  • Click on "Submit" if all information is correct. A confirmation screen will confirm that the stop payment transaction was submitted and will provide a reference number for your records.
  • Stop payments can not be placed on Debit Card transactions.
  • Stop payment fees apply.
Online Bill Pay

How do I start using online Bill Pay?
First-time Bill Pay users must enroll in Online Banking and accept Armed Forces Bank Online Banking Terms and Conditions. Once you have enrolled, sign in to Online Banking and select Payments from the Account Summary drop down (you will also be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions associated with using Armed Forces Bank's online Bill Pay). Once accepted, you can start using the Bill Pay service right away.

What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay is an online service that allows you to pay your bills through Armed Forces Bank's Online Banking. You can set up one-time payments, schedule future payments or create recurring payments from your checking account.

Is there a limit to the number of bills I can pay online?

How long does it take for an online payment to reach a biller? We recommend scheduling your payments to be made at least 7 days prior to the actual payment due date on the bill. Scheduling your payments sufficiently in advance of the due date allows enough time for the biller to receive the payment and credit it to your account.

Is there a fee for using Bill Pay through Armed Forces Bank?
No, unless you request an expedited payment.

Online Security

What is Enhanced Online Security?
Armed Forces Bank is proud to deliver the highest level of security for our Online Banking customers. Enhanced Online Security is an additional layer of security that keeps your personal information secure and helps protect you from fraud and identity theft.

How does Enhanced Online Security work?
The System uses multiple layers of security ensuring unauthorized users cannot gain access to your accounts. We do this by verifying three important criteriYour Log In Credentials, Your Device, and Your Location. Before entering your password or answering the Security Challenge, check your browser's address bar. We've added an additional layer of security that shows if you are connected to a safe server. If your browser's address bar is GREEN, your connection is safe. If it's not GREEN, stop your log in process and contact us.

How do I enroll for Enhanced Online Security?
You will be prompted to enroll when you sign up for Online Banking. Simply enter or update your E-mail Address, select and provide answers for three challenge questions, and select whether the computer you are logging in with is a personal computer or a public computer.

What Challenge Methods are available?
There are two challenge methods available, e-mail or challenge question and answer. Text message option is not available.

What is the impact if I enter my mobile number in the e-mail address field?
All future e-mail communications we send to you will be redirected to the mobile number. This includes notification of e.Statement availability, important communications, and/or new product and service notifications.

If someone steals my password, will Enhanced Online Security prevent them from accessing my account?
Yes. If an unauthorized person tries to log in to your account from another computer, they will be challenged using the Challenge Method you choose at enrollment. Without this additional personal information they will not be able to log in to your account.

How do I know I'm at the valid Online Banking site?
Before entering your password or answering the Security Challenge, check your browser's address bar. We've added an additional layer of security that shows if you are connected to a safe server. If your browser's address bar is GREEN, your connection is safe. If it's not GREEN, stop your log in process and contact us.

Can I access Online Banking from multiple computers?
Yes, you can access Online Banking from any number of computers. If you log in from a computer that you haven't used for Online Banking before, you will be asked to verify your identity by entering a one-time passcode sent to your e-mail address or by answering the challenge questions you established.

I share my computer with someone who also uses Armed Forces Bank Online Banking. Can both of us still log in from this computer?
Yes. There's no limit to how many people can log in to Online Banking from the same computer. Remember not to share your Access ID, Password, or answers to your challenge questions.

Can I change my challenge questions?
Yes. You can change your Security Questions and Answers anytime in Online Banking under Mobile & Online Banking Options > Change Security Data.


What are the benefits of e.Statements?

  • Faster delivery than a paper statement that is mailed.
  • Reduce the risk of mail fraud and protects against identity theft caused from paper statements.
  • Reduce the clutter of excess paper (environmentally friendly).

Is there a difference between my e.Statement and my paper statement?
No. e.Statements contain all the same information as your paper statement.

Is there a fee for e.Statements?
No, e.Statements are FREE.

What software do I need to view e.Statements?
You need Adobe Reader to view, print, or save your statement. If you do not have the software, you can download Adobe Reader for free [].

How do I retrieve and view my e.Statement?
Log into Online Banking and select your account. Click the e.Statements button to proceed. For customers with accounts combined to one statement, select the primary account that is listed as the first account on your paper statement.

How do I print my e.Statement?
To print an e.Statement, use your web browser's print function. If you have saved the e.Statement to your computer, you can print directly from the Acrobat Reader toolbar.

How do I save my e.Statement?
To save an e.Statement, select the "Save a Copy" icon in Adobe Acrobat Reader software and choose a file name for the statement.

Are e.Statements secure?
Yes. All your financial information is protected within Online Banking by our Enhanced Online Security.

How will I know when my e.Statement is available?
An e-mail message will be sent to the e-mail address you specify during enrollment following the close of each statement cycle to let you know your statement is available.

What happens if I do not receive notifications that my e.Statement is available?
There a few things you can check if you are not receiving notifications.

  1. Verify that your e-mail address is correct. You can check this in Online Banking under Mobile & Online Banking Options, and change or update your email address if it is incorrect.
  2. Make sure that you have added Armed Forces Bank ( to your trusted sender's list.
  3. Contact us for further assistance.

Even if you have not received an e-mail notification from us, you still have the ability to log in to Online Banking to view your statements online.

When will I have access to my e.Statement?
e.Statements will be available at the same frequency as paper statements.

Will I still be able to see images of my checks?
Yes. If you currently receive check images with your paper statement, you will see the check images with your electronic statement.

How long are e.Statements available?
You will be able to view up to 18 months of your most recent statements.

Which accounts are eligible to receive e.Statements?
e.Statements are available for checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and loans.

What is a combined statement?
A combined statement provides your checking and other account activity in a single statement. Account(s) must have the same ownership to be combined.

Can joint owners view e.Statements?
Yes. Joint owners can view e.Statements as long as they have access to Online Banking.

For joint owner accounts, can one owner receive e.Statements and the other owner receive paper statements?
If one account owner enrolls in Online Banking and receives e.Statements, paper statements will no longer be mailed to any of the account owners.

What should I do if I want to discontinue e.Statements and receive paper statements?
There are three ways to discontinue e.Statements:

  • Log into Online Banking and start a Web Chat or send us a Secure Mail and request to receive paper statements.
  • Call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265) and speak to one of our representatives.
  • Stop by your local branch.

How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?
Signing up for Mobile Banking is easy:

Mobile App

  • First, download our mobile application from the app store that you are familiar with. After the application has been installed on your phone you can use the same Access ID and Password you setup on the Armed Forces Bank Online Banking site. Not currently enrolled in Online Banking? Sign up today!

Mobile Web

  • Using the same Access ID and Password you setup on the Armed Forces Bank Online Banking site, you can access Mobile Web at Not currently enrolled in Online Banking? Sign up today!

Text Banking (There are three ways to sign up)

  • Option 1: Go to the "Mobile and Online Banking Options" section within Online Banking and follow the enrollment instructions.
  • Option 2: Go to the "More" menu in our mobile app and follow the instructions.
  • Option 3: Call Armed Forces Bank's Customer Care Center at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

How do I download apps to my phone?
If you are new to smartphones, we suggest reviewing your owner's manual or visiting the online help or support area for your device.

Does mobile banking require a special phone?
Armed Forces Bank Mobile Banking will work with virtually all of today's phones and most major mobile service providers. Please see our list of compatible devices for more information. Generally, you should be able to use the service if:

  • Your phone allows text messaging to and from short codes.
  • You can browse the Internet on your phone.
  • You have an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device capable of downloading apps from the app stores.

Message and data rates may apply. Check your carrier plan for details.

Which phones or devices currently work with Mobile Check Deposit?
iPhone and Android devices that meet the following criteria:

  • iOS 4.0 and above
  • Android OS 2.1 and above
  • All devices must have a camera
  • The minimum requirement for image resolution is 1600 pixels x1200 pixels (therefore the device camera spec must be a minimum of 2mp). Images with lower resolution may pass the image quality verification, however, they may also be rejected more often.
  • Android devices must have autofocus
  • Blackberry smartphones are currently not supported

Is Mobile Banking secure?
Rest assured. Mobile Banking is safe to use!

  • Smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry have very controlled and secure operating systems.
  • Mobile Banking uses 128 bit SSL encryption just like Online Banking, which basically encrypts and protects any transmission of data including customer account information
  • Our Mobile Banking solution uses strong Firewalls just like Online Banking, which protects from unauthorized or malicious intrusion.
  • Mobile Banking uses your Access ID & Password for access. Just like Online Banking, your account will lock down after three (3) incorrect attempts from your mobile device.
  • Text messages are not secure, which is why Armed Forces Bank will never send your name or account number through a text message.

For more information and security tips, please visit our Security section.

Can I use Mobile Banking outside the U.S.?
Yes, as long as your mobile carrier offers Internet service in the country you are visiting. All additional roaming, access and text charges from your carrier will apply.

How do I use Text Banking?
You can text the following commands to us at EZBANK (392265). We'll send a return text with the info you need.

  • BAL = See balances for all of your accounts.
  • HIS = Text "HIS A1," "HIS A2," "HIS A3," etc. (meaning Account 1, 2 or 3) to see the transaction history for specific accounts.
  • ATM = Text ATM plus a ZIP code (ATM12345) to find ATMs.
  • BRANCH = Text BRANCH plus a ZIP code ("BRANCH12345") to find a branch.
  • HELP = See how to get help.
  • STOP = Stop getting text messages from Armed Forces Bank.

View and print the text commands wallet card.

How much does it cost to use Mobile Banking?
We don't charge a fee to access the mobile web or to download and use the mobile app. To deposit a check via the mobile app, a fee of $0.50 will be charged for each deposited check. For Text Banking and Alerts, standard messaging and data rates from your mobile carrier may apply.

Mobile Deposit

What is Mobile Check Deposit?
The Mobile Banking App lets you make a deposit from your iPhone or Android smart phone by taking a picture of the front and back of your check. This feature is only available by downloading the Armed Forces Bank Mobile App.

What is the deposit cut-off time for Mobile Check Deposit?
The deposit cut-off time is 7:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. If you submit a deposit after 7:00 p.m. or a non-business day or holiday - your deposit will be processed the next business day. Deposits are subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal. Deposit limits and restrictions apply.

What types of checks are accepted with Mobile Check Deposit?
We accept the following checks from our Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Personal checks
  • Business checks
  • Government/Treasury checks
  • Cashier's checks
  • Checks must be from a U.S. bank and in U.S. dollars.

Please only submit checks that are made payable to you. We cannot accept checks made payable to a third party.

How do I make a deposit using the Mobile App?
Complete the follow steps to make a Mobile deposit:

  1. Select the "Deposit" tab, then select "New Deposit".
  2. Select the account the deposit is going into, then enter the amount of the check in dollars and cents. For example, a $100 check would be entered as 100.00.
  3. Click continue and the device's camera should automatically open. You will need to take a picture of the front and the back of the check (don't forget to endorse the check prior to taking the picture). You will need to be in a well lit area and make sure all four corners of the check are in the image. Only one item can be captured at a time.
  4. The next screen will ask you to confirm the deposit details. Select "Yes" to submit the deposit or "No" to cancel.
  5. The "Deposit Pending" confirmation screen will be displayed. Be sure to make note of the confirmation number in case you need to contact us regarding the status of the deposit.

How secure is Mobile Check Deposit?
Mobile Check Deposit offers the same level of security that you have with Online Banking. For added protection, the images of your checks are never stored on your mobile phone.

When will my funds be available?
The funds availability schedule that we provided to you when you opened your Account or that we otherwise have made available to you will generally apply to Check Images that you deposit through the Mobile App as if you had deposited the original physical check. However, we may, in our sole discretion, delay availability of funds from any deposit you make through the App. If we delay availability of funds from your deposit, we will notify you by email at the email address provided through your Online Banking enrollment. You may update your email address at anytime through Online Banking, by clicking Mobile & Online Banking Options.

Are there any fees?
A $0.50 charge per check deposited does apply. Message and data rates may apply – such charges include those from your communications service providers.

Debit Cards

How long does it take my debit card to reach me?
Your debit card takes 10 to 14 business days through regular mail. If you are overseas, it could take anywhere from 14 to 24 business days.

How do I order a debit card?
There are three ways to order a debit card:

How do I change my debit card PIN?
To change your PIN number on your debit card, call 866-985-2273.

How do I activate my card?
To activate your card, call 866-985-2273.

How do I shut off my debit card?
To shut off your debit card, call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

What should I do if I have a transaction I don't recognize or I have fraud on my account?
Many times a single unauthorized charge is found to be a merchant error. Simply contacting the merchant might resolve the error quickly. However, if you think your debit card number is being fraudulently used, call Customer Care at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265) as soon as possible. We'll cancel your card and issue a replacement immediately.

What do I do if I don't recognize the merchant listed on my statement?
Some merchants may bill under a name other than their operating name. A copy of the sales slip may assist you in recognizing the charge as one that you authorized. If you still have questions about the transaction, please contact the merchant directly. If you don't have contact information for the merchant, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265) and we may be able to provide that information.

How do I dispute a transaction?
If you'd like to dispute a transaction, please call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

What is a debit card dispute?
A debit card dispute occurs when you question a particular transaction that you may believe is an error. The following types of transactions may be disputed:

  • Charges that list the wrong date or amount
  • Duplicate charges
  • Charges for goods and services you didn't accept or weren't delivered as agreed
  • Failure to post credits, such as returns
  • Charges for which you ask for an explanation or written proof of purchase

If you'd like to dispute a transaction, please call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265).

Credit Cards

How do I apply for a Armed Forces Bank Credit Card?
To apply please call us at 1-855-809-9049 or click here to learn more.


How do I apply for a Armed Forces Bank Loan?
To apply please call us at 1-888-929-BANK (1-888-929-2265) for a Consumer Loan Specialist or 1-855-558-8551 for a Mortgage Loan Specialist. You can also click here to learn more and apply.


What happens when my account becomes overdrawn?

  • We authorize and pay overdrafts on checks, automatic bill payments, and other transactions made using your checking account number, such as ACH direct debits at our discretion and a fee will be charged.
  • If an item is not paid, it will be returned and a fee will be charged.
  • If you have selected to "Opt-In," we will also authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions at our discretion and a fee will be charged.
  • Regardless of your choice to "Opt-In," there is no guarantee that we will cover an item that overdraws your account. We may deny payment of an item that overdraws your account at any time without prior notice.
  • If you have selected one of our overdraft alternatives, see below for details.

My account is overdrawn. What should I do?
As soon as possible, make a deposit large enough to cover how much you are overdrawn, the fees associated with your overdraft, and any outstanding payments that have not cleared your account yet.

What are the fees charged when I overdraw my account with this bank?

  • A $25.00 fee is charged for each transaction we decide to pay. We do not charge this fee if the transaction amount is $5.00 or less.
  • A $25.00 fee is charged for each item that we decide not to pay and is returned.
  • The maximum fee we will charge your account for overdrafts and returned items on any business day is $125.00.
  • A $0.50 fee is charged for a denied ATM transaction at a machine we do not own unless your account is covered under the Money Pass Network of ATMs.

What can I do to avoid overdraft fees?

  • Know your balance and pending transactions. Use a check or debit card register. Include fees in your item totals. Balance your account regularly.
  • We offer additional services to help you better manage your account: Online Banking and e.Statements, a mobile banking app for iPhone and Android users, e.Alerts via email or text that will notify you when your balance reaches an amount determined by you, and educational resources on our website.
  • We also offer overdraft alternatives, such as linking to a savings account, or a line of credit. See below for more details.

How and when are transactions deducted from my account?
The day's transactions are processed at night. We will post deposits and other credits to your account before checks/debits/withdrawals. See our most recent Deposit Account Agreement for our posting order.

What is a memo-post (or sometimes called "pending") transaction?
When you use your debit card to make a purchase or an ATM withdrawal, the merchant/ATM owner may request an authorization from us. If approved, we reduce your Current Balance by the authorized amount through a memo posted debit to your account. In some cases, the authorization request amount may not match the actual final transaction amount. For example, a restaurant may add an amount to the bill for an expected gratuity which may or may not be reflected in the final settlement.

Generally, this memo posted debit remains on your account until we receive a final settlement request (instructions from the merchant for us to deduct the exact amount of your final purchase from your account) or the expiration of 3 business days, whichever occurs first.

Exception: If you use your PIN when you pay for gas at the pump, the merchant must send us the final settlement request within two (2) hours.

A "final settlement" request follows after the debit card authorization request and completes the transaction. While the majority of transactions settle within one or two business days, the actual timing rests with the merchant. Even if the final settlement is not received within the three business days and the memo posted debit authorization is removed and the balance restored, the final settlement could still be received beyond the three business days and result in a balance reduction for the final transaction settlement amount.

What happens if my account remains overdrawn?

  • We may decide to no longer pay items, which means that items will be returned. Fees associated with those returned items will be charged.
  • It may lead to suspension of your account, and may damage your credit.

What is Overdraft Protection Transfer?

  • When your account becomes overdrawn, the bank will transfer funds from your linked account in $100.00 increments sufficient to cover the items, as long as the funds are available.
  • Any account receiving overdraft protection transfers will only be charged one transfer fee of $7.00 per day, regardless of the number of items causing the overdraft.
  • If the balance in the linked account is not sufficient to cover the items, all available funds will be transferred, but the $7.00 fee will not be charged. Instead, you will be charged overdraft or returned items fees, for any remaining items that cannot be covered by the transfer.
  • Certain accounts have transaction limitations. Please speak to a representative about options to best suit your needs.

What is Ready Cash Reserve?

  • It is a line of credit that is attached to any Checking or Money Market account. Subject to credit approval, lines are available up to a maximum of $3,000, with an APR of 15.9%.
  • Interest is only charged for the number of days with an outstanding balance on this line of credit.
  • The minimum monthly payment is 5% of the outstanding balance or $25.00, whichever is greater; and payments are automatically deducted from your checking account.
  • Additional or larger payments can be made at any time through Online Banking or by contacting us.
  • Advances are in $100.00 increments and are transferred automatically into your checking account to cover a negative balance. Advance can also be done manually through Online Banking or upon request.
  • There is a $20 annual fee. There are no fees per transfer.