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ACH Block

Stop fraudulent debit activity on your account.

  • Utilize our Automated Clearing House block to stop electronic debits from hitting your account.
  • Saves time by not having to monitor multiple accounts for fraudulent electronic activity on a daily basis.


Monitor your account activity online.

  • Monitor your daily transactions including electronic transactions and checks.
  • Helps reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions that can occur on your account.

Positive Pay/Fraud Protection

Protect your check payments.

  • Safeguard your check payments by utilizing this fraud protection service.
  • We will match your check issuance information with checks presented to your account for payment. You are notified of items that do not match what you have written and have the ability to either pay or return the items.
  • Gives you a peace of mind that you have the ability to review potential fraudulent items prior to them being debited from your account.

Typical financial loss incurred by companies
due to payments fraud in 2013 was $23,100 1

Learn more about the impact of anti-fraud controls

1 2014 Payment Fraud and Control Survey by Association for Financial Professionals.