Spend more time growing your
business and less doing paperwork.

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Maximize funds for investments and retain

enough cash to make regular disbursements.

Bill Pay

Easily create payments day or night through our on-line portal and send payments to any vendor you work with. This convenient service saves time and money.

  • Schedule and pay bills received online or by mail
  • Manage payees to suit your specific needs
  • View payment reports for specific time periods or create your own custom reports
  • Search payment records by payee, funding account, or time frame
  • Order CDs of payment records for tax preparation, budgeting, or payment history back up information
  • Maintain a funding account list with detailed account information
Bill Pay

Electronic Payments

Positive Pay/Fraud Protection

Positive Pay is a web-based system that enhances your cash control and eliminates the risk presented by fraudulent checks.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud of unauthorized transactions with early prevention
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual check sorting

Wire Transfers

Fast and easy way to send or receive funds the same day, directly from your computer.

  • Originate domestic and international transfers online
  • Create templates for ease of sending recurring payments

ACH e.Origination & Payroll

Cost effective tool to streamline your payroll and issue remittance faster with our web-based e.Origination system. Pay your employees through direct deposit and make payments electronically which saves time and money.

  • Speeds receivables collection
  • Automate payroll processing
  • Reduce administrative burden/expense
  • Eliminates stop payment charges
  • Makes remittances easier for customers

Additional Ways to Make Payments

Debit Cards

Gain added control over business spending with a Visa® Business Debit Card. It's a free benefit of your business checking account. There's no need to spend hours reconciling balances or hunting down receipts. Every debit card transaction appears in e.Business.

Credit Cards

Utilizing our Business Credit Card reduces the number of invoices and payments you need to manage.

  • Keep track of your monthly purchases in one convenient location and avoid having to manage numerous invoices and payments to vendors.
  • Reduces payment reconciliation time

Check Writing

Affords you the flexibility to control when vendors and employees are paid. All of our business checking accounts have check writing capability. Utilize our online reporting and fraud protection services to help reduce fraudulent activity.

Zero-Balance Accounts (ZBA)

  • Manage separate bank accounts for each of your company's locations or for various accounting purposes.
  • Make disbursements without large idle balances
  • Segregates payments from core accounts