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Spotlight: Unleashing the Power of Rico Steele’s Academy of Martial Arts

small business spotlight on Rico Steele gym

Henrico Steele is the owner of Rico Steele’s Academy of Martial Arts in Junction City, KS. He teaches kids and adults about the skills and importance of self-protection. However, in his words, he “simply changes lives.”
For Mr. Steele, the most gratifying element of his job is witnessing his students grow and improve. He watches his trainees leave each session better than they were before, which is the best reward he could ever ask for.
Rico Steele's work out area
He discovered his passion for martial arts in his childhood, which became a refuge from the bullying he endured. His involvement in the sport transformed his fights into enjoyable encounters with fellow trained fighters. After serving two years with the US Army at Fort Riley, Mr. Steele dedicated himself to training martial arts at different studios before eventually establishing his own successful business. Presently, he has been the proud owner of his business for 11 years, allowing him to fully immerse himself in his lifelong passion.
Meet the msn behind the man who create Rico Steele

Like many new business owners, Mr. Steele faced initial challenges. In the early stages, he ate PB&J’s every night and took out loans to cover expenses. That’s when Armed Forces Bank helped him the most. He says the overdraft protection system saved his life during those times.

Most recently, Mr. Steele faced the hurdle of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that Martial Arts is a sport with close physical contact, retaining clients became challenging. However, with the support of the community and the aid of technology, he was able to teach classes online until they could re-open the studio.

For those of you who are thinking about opening their own business, Mr. Steele says “Take the risk!”

In the future, he hopes to expand his business by opening a second location and hosting more Martial Arts events. Our team at Armed Forces Bank will be rooting for Mr. Henrico Steele to achieve his goal.

Rico Steele's boxing rink