Spotlight: The Barber Shop by Todd Enterprises Shapes Style and Community

The Barber Shop spotlight during small business month

“The Barber Shop” by Todd Enterprises is your go-to destination for hair grooming in Fort Knox, KY. Jointly owned by Michael and Nancy Wilson, this business operates with a team of eight staff members who provide quality cuts and styles for their clients.

While the shop itself is relatively young, Michael’s entrepreneurial journey dates back to 1993, spanning across several military installations nationwide. He ultimately wanted to call the shots. This decision has given him the autonomy to be his own boss, something he truly enjoys. Michael also likes having the freedom to build strong relationships with clients and collaborate with his staff.

Owning a small business comes with challenges, and Michael and Nancy have faced them head-on. From staffing hurdles to navigating complicated employment laws, they have learned valuable lessons along the way.

For those dreaming of starting a business, their advice is clear: "Research, research, research." By having a thorough understanding of your industry and becoming familiar with the legal landscape, you can set the groundwork for a solid foundation and confident strides forward.

According to Michael and Nancy, Armed Forces Bank has been a reliable partner in Todd Enterprises’ journey. From facilitating daily transactions to stepping in during crucial moments, AFB is there for both Todd Enterprises and The Barber Shop.

Looking forward, Michael and Nancy aim to keep making a difference in the community, one haircut at a time.

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