Last-Minute Gift Idea: Giving an Experience

A family celebrates while on a skiing holiday together

'Tis the season of gift-giving, and the familiar frenzy has set in. There are still names on your list, and time and budget constraints are closing in. Shipping fees for those eleventh-hour packages are enough to make anyone gulp. But fear not! This holiday season, we're proposing a game-changer: shift from the stress of physical presents to the joy of gifting memorable experiences, all made easier with exclusive deals from your Access Rewards Checking account.

Wondering how this could make your life simpler? For starters, we all have those people in our lives who already own everything or are simply impossible shop for. Plus, your mom's slipper collection is maxed out, your cousin didn’t read last year's re-gifted book, and the kids have more than enough toys. In this blog, we'll unwrap why giving experiences is the way to go this year – not just for the joy it brings but for the savings it puts back in your pocket. Let's make this holiday season about memorable moments, not the mad dash for the perfect present.

1. Create Memories

Perhaps the most obvious reason why experiences make such great gifts is the long-lasting memories they provide. Unlike material possessions, memories don't fade or lose their luster over time – they grow richer. By gifting an experience like a weekend getaway, gourmet dining experience, or tickets to a sports event, you help create long-lasting memories for your loved ones. It’s a no-brainer!

2. Customize for Each Person

Personalization is the secret sauce that makes experiential gifts stand out. Unlike material objects, experiences have the power to speak directly to an individual's interests and passions. When you gift or receive an experience, it's a clear sign of your thought and effort in the gifting process.

Is your friend an adrenaline junkie? Picture the excitement of surprising them with a trip to Six Flags! Or maybe you have an exhausted mom or dad in your life? A relaxing hotel stay becomes the perfect gift for them to unwind. The secret is pinpointing an experience that matches your loved one's interests, which turns your gift into a thoughtful and genuinely personal gesture.

3. Anticipating the Experience

Looking forward to an experience makes up half the fun. There's something magical about the buildup to an adventure – it's like unwrapping a gift before the actual day. In contrast, waiting for the delivery of material goods can make us feel impatient. So choose excitement! Whether it's counting down the days to a Disney escapade or the excitement leading up to a night at a Broadway show, the joy starts long before the actual event, turning the wait into a memorable part of the experience itself.

4. Chance to Try New Things

No guarantees that your loved one hasn't already scored a pair of top-notch headphones, but an experiential gift promises something entirely fresh and unexpected. Even if they’ve had a similar type of experience in the past, each occasion brings a unique twist. So, whether it's introducing your loved ones to a new gym routine or refining their skiing skills, the beauty lies in encouraging them to step into uncharted territory and embrace the thrill of trying something different.

5. Discounts and Saving Money with Rewards Checking

Armed Forces Bank simplifies the art of choosing the perfect experiential present. Supercharge your gift-giving game with exclusive discounts through a Access Rewards Checking account, offering savings on museums, car rentals, hotels, movie theaters, sporting events, and much more!

Picture this: unbeatable deals on tickets for Cirque du Soleil, Sea World, or a Broadway show. And that's not all – our clients can snag a $1,000 discount on their favorite cruise lines, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity Cruises, and more. These discounts make it easy to gift memorable experiences that won't break the bank.

Our Access Rewards Checking account streamlines your ability to give the gift of experiences. It's not just banking; it's your ticket to memorable moments.

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