Inspiring Voices: Benito Mejias Shares His Story for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic heritage month image of traditionally dressed Hispanic dancers

Every year, from September 15 to October 15, our country observes Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a time to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans who hail from more than 30 countries and territories across the globe. In this month-long celebration, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the diversity of America's story. 

At Armed Forces Bank, we’ve dedicated this month to spotlighting prominent Hispanic Americans who have left their mark on our world today. We’ve also shared recommendations, including podcasts such as Latino USA and books like Why I am Like Tequila by Texas Poet Laureate, Lupe Mendez.

But what’s even more special to us is the chance to spotlight one of our own associates within the LatinX community. This individual plays an important role in our organization’s success, and we’d like to introduce him!

Armed Forces Bank employee for Hispanic Heritage month

Meet Benito Mejias, who has worked with our organization for more than 27 years. Before stepping into his current role in Human Resources, he held a variety of positions in several departments, including Retail Banking, Business Lending, Banking Center Operations.

As a Training Specialist today, Benito’s primary focus is new retail associates, including both managers and front-line associates. He plays a key role in the onboarding process, overseeing a 2-week retail banking training program designed to familiarize new members with the in-branch experience.

Benito is an easy-going person who loves a good joke or funny story. He loves sports (especially NFL football), good movies, and music, and he even considers himself a bit of a “secret nerd.” Family is important to Benito, sharing his life with his wife and daughter, and they enjoy doing activities together as a family.

Hispanic Heritage Month holds a special significance for Benito. “Every section of society has its own story and place in this world, and I’m proud to know that our story is not only being highlighted but also allows for a better understanding of our culture, customs, and the overall impact we have in our society.”

Benito doesn’t limit his celebration of heritage to this one month. He is proud of his Puerto Rican roots and believes in celebrating his culture every day—from the food he eats to the music he listens to, and the traditions he observes during the holiday season. “Everyday is a celebration of our heritage,” he says.

Benito’s blend of professional excellence, cultural appreciation, and family values make him a strong member of our team, and we're proud to celebrate individuals like him during Hispanic Heritage Month.

While this month-long celebration comes to an end, our team’s commitment to diversity, cultural appreciation, and recognizing the impact of the LatinX community remains unwavering. We encourage others to do the same. Thank you for joining us in this celebration heritage and culture!

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