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How To Receive an Armed Forces Bank Hero Loan

a female firefighter gives a face to Armed Forces Bank's Hero Loans

The term “HERO loan” may already be familiar to you, but at Armed Forces Bank, it means something special. To honor our community heroes, we offer as low as a $0 down payment with this homeowner loan for first responders.

You may have some questions about a Hero Loan, such as: Are you eligible for an Armed Forces Bank Hero Loan? And how can it help you in your home ownership journey?

Read more to find out about this unique product.

What is an Armed Forces Bank Hero Loan?

Armed Forces Bank’s Hero Loans differ from the traditional definition of the term. Usually when you hear it, the title will refer to a HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) loan, which is a government-backed loan offered to homeowners to cover the cost of energy-efficient home improvements. These are later repaid through property taxes. This financial program originates from its parent initiative, PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy).

Armed Forces Bank’s Hero Loan program is geared specifically toward the “heroes” of our community: our first responders. These roles include police, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, EMS, ATF, and FBI.

Armed Forces Bank believes the everyday heroes of our community deserve the best home-financing options, which is why our Hero Loans offer as low as a zero down payment.

For our military service members and veterans, Armed Forces Bank provides a better-suited option for you -- our VA loans, which are specific to military service members (active or retired) and also offer zero down payment.*

About Armed Forces Bank Hero Loans

Want to get started on applying for an Armed Forces Bank Hero Loan? Here are some fast facts about the program.
Our Hero Loan program is unique to Armed Forces Bank.

  • An Armed Forces Bank Hero Loan is a portfolio loan, meaning we will never sell these loans to agencies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc.
  • Our borrowers are also required to have a checking account with us.
  • Armed Forces Bank understands the importance of putting down roots in your community. That’s why we want to support you on your homeowning journey, every step of the way.

If you’re buying your first home, we offer some pointers on getting started here.

Want to learn more about Armed Forces Bank Hero Loans or other homeowner loans? We invite you to talk to one of our mortgage loan experts.
All loans are subject to credit approval. Owner Occupied Property only. Requires Mortgage Insurance.

Fees, restrictions, and conditions apply.

*VA Funding Fee applies.